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i'm a commercial film director, expert in visual effects and photography lover.

I use light, color and the time to express my feelings.

Often I lose concentration for thinking of the metaphorical beauty of things.

I am a dreamer, filmmaker and photographer full time.

I am a chilean advertising film director and commercial photographer, with 19 years of experience in Chile and 12 abroad.


From a very young age I have been on the move, experimenting and adapting to new ways of life, which allow me to collaborate through the fields of arts, media, technology and communication, while nurturing my curiosity and sharing what Learned


In 1997 i founded a film production house based in Santiago of Chile, throughout my career, I have been fortunate to participate in extraordinary projects, be witness the digital evolution of the media and to work together with many people  I admire and who have inspired me. I have directed countles advertising projects for various brands in different parts of the world.


Since 2010, i work in advertising photography, in a few years i has managed to have clients in Chile, United States, United Kingdom and Italy. Mainly I of photography of products and Food.


Currently I have developed some fashion projects with models, makeup artists, hair stylists and I am very interested in participating in many more



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